RPN Calculator

RPN Calculator 0.1

Perform Reverse Polish notation calculations


  • Attractive front-end interface
  • Menu bar functionality


  • Settings menu difficult to navigate
  • Quite a few bugs

Not bad

If you're studying or working in the science or financial sectors then the chances are you need a powerful calculator. But why carry a bulky device around with you when you can simply install one on your Android mobile device?

Android RPN Calculator is a handy Reverse Polish notation calculator designed to solve all manner of equations. The app, which comes with menu bar functionality, consists of a large number pad display with a series of functions above it. The interface is fairly attractive and generally easy to get around thanks to the large buttons and well-labeled mathematical function keys.

However, Android RPN Calculator's settings menu isn't quite so well-designed. Because the menu highlights are in white and the text is in white, it's difficult to make out what all of the options are , and you'll find yurself having to squint at the screen a fair bit. Among the settings you can change are Rounding, Number Types, and Decimal placings.

Unfortunately there's no help facility, so if you're not a proficient mathematician you almost certainly won't get much benefit from Android RPN Calculator. Even if you are, you'll probably get frustrated by the 'unfinished' feel of the app. The app is pretty buggy, many of the buttons return 'not implemented' errors, and it's only currently available for HVGA-P displays.

Nevertheless, if you need to perform complex equations on a regular basis, Android RPN Calculator represents an easier way than carrying around a calculator with you.

RPN Calculator


RPN Calculator 0.1

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